Different Types of Makeup Brushes

types of makeup brushes and their uses

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A good collection of brushes is a must-have for every makeup enthusiast. Brushes not only make applying makeup quick and easy, but they also help the product go on smoothly and evenly, creating a more flawless finish. If you’re just getting into makeup, a good makeup brush sets make the process much easier. There are several different types of brushes, so it’s important to know which ones to use in your makeup routine in order to avoid using a wrong brush. Here is a selection of essential brushes and their uses to add to your collection as curated by professional, celebrity makeup artists.

Different Types of Makeup Brushes:

Foundation Brush

types of makeup brushes

Your makeup routine should start off with an even base of the foundation. It can be difficult to apply a liquid foundation correctly without the proper kabuki brush. We have two different types of foundation brushes, one of which is acts like a paintbrush and one of which has a flat top. Both are very useful for getting a flawless finish with your foundation however we prefer the flat brushes with densely packed bristles.

A good flat foundation brush will have straight, flexible but firm bristles that you can use to apply your foundation to your face. It’s essential when using this flat brush that you work the product into the skin to avoid harsh lines or streak marks. When applying the foundation, start by dotting the product on your forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin, and then use the brush to blend it over your entire face. Foundation brushes come in different lengths, but the one you choose will depend entirely on personal preference. Some of the come with a short handle and are called kabuki brushes, we however prefer the long handles for a better control. It’s very important to wash your foundation brushes regularly to keep your skin clean and healthy. When you wash the brushes, use your fingers to reshape them as they are drying.

Stippling Brush

Stippling Brush

This type of stippling brushes create a flawless, airbrushed base with high definition results. It can be used to apply foundation, blush, bronzer, powder, and highlighters. It also is very effective for applying liquid and cream products. There are duo-fibre bristles at the top of the brush, which make for a light, gentle application that looks very natural. These brush ends have a very light and feathery feel.

To use, apply the product to the top of the bristles, and then work it into the skin in circular motions, taking care to really buff out any harsh lines and create an even coverage. You can also use a stippling motion, moving the brush up and down to dot the product onto your face. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure the foundation around your jawline and neck is evenly buffed in for the most airbrushed, natural look. Feel free to apply multiple layers until you reach your desired coverage level. Like a foundation brush, it’s important to wash your stippling brushes regularly to prevent bacteria build-up.

Concealer Brush

types of makeup brushes

After you apply foundation, you can use concealer to cover any imperfections and brighten up dull areas on the face. For the most precise concealer application, you’ll want to use a small flat concealer brush. A concealer brush essentially looks like a very small version of a foundation brushes. It’s shaped like a paintbrush but is slightly denser. When using a concealer brushes, apply a small amount of product to the desired area, and then lightly dab onto your skin until it blends in with your foundation. Do this using small amounts until you have covered the desired imperfections, whether they be acne, dark spots, undereye circles, or something else.

Powder Brush

types of makeup brushes

After applying your base, you may opt to set everything with a layer of loose powder foundation. This powder will help your makeup stay in place throughout the day and give you an even more flawless look. One of the many different types of brushes, a powder brush is very large and fluffy, and it has a domed shape to evenly disperse the product over the face. When using a powder brush, you can apply the product very lightly, as the powder brushes are designed to distribute the product evenly for you. In fact, you should tap off the excess product on the brush before applying it to your face.

Blush Brush

types of makeup brushes

If you’re using a powder blush, it’s absolutely crucial to use a brush to get a gorgeous natural look when applying it. If you don’t use the correct brush when applying this type of product, the result can look very cakey and unnatural. A good blush brush has the same fluffy design as a powder brush, but it is smaller to fit on the cheeks. Some blush brushes have a slight angle to them for a more precise blush application. If you are using a powder blush, you’ll want to start on the apples of the cheeks and gently sweep the brush out towards your temples, concentrating most of the product on the apples. If you’re using a cream blush, you may want to opt for a stippling motion for the most natural effect. When applying blush, it’s always best to start with a small amount and keep building and blending, as this will create the most natural look.

Contour Brush

types of makeup brushes

Contouring is a great way to give your face a naturally sculpted look, but you need a great angled brushes in order to do it. There are many different types of makeup brushes that can be used for contouring, but ideally, you should purchase a brush that is specifically designated for this task instead of using a blush brush or foundation brush. An angled contour brush is about the size of a blush brush, but it has very dense, angled bristles that will create a precise contour application. These contour brushes can be used with either powder or cream contour products. To use, apply the contour to the hollows of your cheeks, and then use a stippling motion to work it into the skin. As the product starts to blend, switch to a circular motion, being careful to keep the product in the appropriate location. You can use this technique on any part of your face you’d like to contour. Many people choose to apply contour to their temples, the sides of their nose, or their jawline for a sleek look.

Bronzer Brush

types of makeup brushes

Bronzer is one of the best ways to get a sunkissed, glowy look – without actually spending time in the sun, which can be harmful to your skin. A bronzer angled brush is similar in shape to a powder brush or an angled blush brush. However, it is very wide and even more fluffy than either of them. This is because bronzer needs to be dispersed very evenly on the skin in order to look natural. If you apply too much bronzer or it isn’t blended out evenly, it can look very harsh, particularly if you have a naturally fair complexion. To successfully apply bronzer, dip the brush in a small amount of the product, and then apply it to your temples, the hollows of your cheeks, and your jawline in a big sweeping motion, making a ‘3′ shape. Be sure to really buff it out so there are no harsh lines left over. After you’ve blended that in, take whatever’s left on the brush and sweep it over your forehead and nose very gently. This technique creates a natural look because it places bronzer on the points of the face where the sun would naturally hit.

Highlight Brush

types of makeup brushes

Highlight brushes look very different from most other types of makeup brushes. They are shaped like a fan and have very thin synthetic bristles. This fan brush shape allows you to apply the glowy product evenly to the tops of your cheekbones – without looking like a disco ball. The highlighter is very trendy at the moment, so this is a great brush to add to your collection. To use, gently pick up a small amount of product with this fluffy brush and sweep it back and forth over the tops of your cheekbones, moving side to side. You can also apply highlight to the tip of your nose and your cupid’s bow for an extra glowy look.

Eyeshadow Brush

types of makeup brushes

To create an intricate eyeshadow look, you’ll need several different types of makeup brushes specifically designed for eyeshadow. These brushes are much smaller and denser than the face brushes previously mentioned in this article. They’re designed for a very precise application of the eyeshadow so you have utmost control.

The first one of these eyeshadow brushes is the flat eyeshadow brush. This is used to apply eyeshadow to the top of your lids, as the name suggests. This brush is very compact and is shaped like a foundation brush, but the bristles are much denser. For the best results, use the brush to pat the shadow onto your lids, applying multiple layers if necessary.

Eyeshadow Crease Brush

types of makeup brushes

This brush is used for applying eyeshadow to the crease of your eyelids. It is very dense and has either an angled or pointed composition for the most precise application possible. It is very important that you apply crease colour with as much control as possible to create your desired look, particularly if you are aiming for a smokey eye or other intricate styles. Start by putting a small amount of your desired crease colour in the creases of your eyelids, focusing more towards the outside of the eye. Run the colour back and forth to create a defined line, and then slowly start to blend the colour in with your lid colour. If you prefer a more pointy option you can opt in for our synthetic pencil brush or tapered brush instead.

Eyeshadow Blending Brush

Eyeshadow Blending brush

This is the most versatile of all the eyeshadow brushes. An eyeshadow blending brush can be used in many different ways to create a flawless eye look. You’ll typically want to use your blending brush after you’ve used the lid and contour brushes for the initial application of the eyeshadow. Start by going over your lid and crease colours to blend them together, and to blend out your crease colour so that you remove any harsh lines. It’s important to keep blending even after you think you should stop because it’s easy to miss harsh lines when working in such a detailed area. You can also use your blending brush to apply a highlight shade to your browbone for a little bit of extra glimmer. Since you’ll likely be using a variety of different eyeshadow shades with this brush, it will be helpful to wash it frequently to preserve the integrity of the colours.

Eye Liner Brush

Eye Liner Brush

Out of all the different types of makeup brushes, one of the most essential are a good sharp eyeliner brushes. To get an ultra-precise lash line cat eye shape, you’ll need a straight or angled liner brush. While you can achieve a good smokey eye with a pencil liner, it’s hard to get a clear, defined wing shape without using an angled eyeliner brush. An eyeliner brush works well with gel or liquid liners. It is very, very small with a line of short, dense bristles, and is slightly angled for the sharpest wing. To use, start by dipping the brush in the liner after you’ve completed your eyeshadow. You may want to map out a rough idea of where the wings will go with a light coloured eye pencil. The wing should follow the curve of your eye instead of sticking straight out.

Then, using as much control as you can, apply the liner in a wing shape. Afterwards, fill in the liner on top of the eye, connecting it to the wing. You may also want to apply liner to your bottom lashes using the brush if you are creating a very intense eye look. You should use the brush to connect the bottom liner to the top wing, this will make everything look more cohesive. This is one of the most difficult of all the different types of makeup brushes to use, so don’t be concerned if you don’t nail that winged look right away – it may just require some more practice.

Mascara Brush/Wand

Spoolie Mascara Brow Brush

Many mascara brands come with a spoolie brush, but it’s helpful to have one on hand just in case. A good mascara wand features a spoolie shape, with small bristles sticking out from the wand in all directions. The synthetic bristles are designed to fit in between your lashes, acting almost as a hairbrush to push them in the right direction and apply the product. The bristles should be firm, as this makes mascara application easier. These wands can also be used to apply eyebrow gel, or just to brush the brow hairs in the same direction and neaten them up. They are also typically less durable than other makeup brushes, so you’ll want to buy them in packs or replace them frequently.

Other important eye makeup brushes include:

Angled brow brush – eyebrow brush, brow bone highlight with angled shape flat bristles

Lip Brush

Lip Brush

A lip brushes can make applying your lipstick much easier. This small brush will help you get a crisp, defined line that other women will envy. A lip brush is very small and thin, with a layer of sleek bristles that act like a paintbrush. To use, you’ll want to start by applying a lip liner in a colour similar to your lipstick. This makes it easier to get a clean line with your lip product. Then, just use the lip brush to paint in your lips. You may need to go over your lips a few times with the brush to get the desired pigmentation. This brush can also be used to soften up harsh lines of your lips or even blend two lip colours together for an ombre effect.

Makeup Brush Sets or Kits

Since there are so many different types of brushes you may want to add to your makeup collection, it’s often worth it to buy them in a kit. There are many different makeup brush kits on the market, ranging from face brushes to eye brushes to full deluxe kits that might include lip brush. By purchasing your makeup brush set, you can often get a better deal than buying each of them individually.


28 Ultimate Face and Eyes Makeup Brush Set With Pouch

Finding quality makeup brush set can be difficult, so it’s worth it to take your time and shop around when building your kit. There are several different factors to keep an eye out for when shopping for brushes. The first is the quality of the brush. They should be made with durable bristles that will last through many washings and can support many different kinds of makeup. The handle should also be quite durable – it shouldn’t separate from the bristles easily. Durability is particularly important to consider if you like to travel with your brushes. Many brushes are even specifically designed for travel, with smaller handles that can fit into a makeup bag.

Another thing to consider when looking at different types of makeup brushes is how and where they are produced. With so many different choices on the market, it’s important to choose products that are made ethically. This means choosing brushes that are made from high-quality synthetic materials instead of animal hair and avoiding companies that test on animals. You’ll also want to choose a brush set that is made with ethical labour. Companies with ethical practices care about their employees, and you can feel good about supporting an ethical brand.


The Eye brush Set
The Face Brush Set

Finally, you’ll want to purchase your makeup brushes based on the products you have and the products you like to use most often. For example, if you really love eye makeup, it’ll be most important to invest in a set of quality eyeshadow brushes that you can use to create many different looks, whereas if you love face makeup, investing in one or two high-quality stippling or blending brushes may be more effective. You may want to invest in multiple versions of your favourite brushes if you use them very often.

Full Brush Set

This essential collection of different types of makeup brushes will help you create the makeup looks you want with ease. There are many benefits to using brushes instead of your fingers or plastic applicators to apply your makeup. Not only does it take less time to complete your makeup routine, but it’s also usually more sanitary, as brushes are easier to clean than applicators. It’s important that you wash your brushes regularly – not only will this keep them in the best condition possible, but it also will prevent bacteria from building up on the brush. To wash your brushes, use a gentle cleanser or baby shampoo to rinse out the makeup from the bristles. Work the cleanser into the bristles with your fingers and then swirl the brush in a bowl or on the back of your hand to remove the makeup. Rinse and repeat as many times as needed. Once you’re done washing the brushes, lay them out to try on a paper towel and use your fingers to move them into their original shape.

Another benefit of using makeup brushes is that they create a more precise, flawless finish on your face, which is why they’re so beloved by makeup enthusiasts. Makeup brushes give you a very precise application, which helps the makeup look more natural. Brushes also make it easier to blend harsh lines on the face, because you’ll have more control than if you were using a basic applicator. With a good makeup brush, you can replicate the Instagram beauty trends you love with ease, whether you’re a makeup expert or a beauty newbie.

Makeup Blending Sponge

You have also surely heard about makeup blender sponge. This beauty tool is also an amazing applicator for a liquid foundation.

Drop of Finesse Blending Sponge


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Different Types of Makeup Brushes
Different Types of Makeup Brushes

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