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Gobsmack Glamorous

Gobsmack Glamorous

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The Nanshy Gobsmack Glamorous Brush Collection designed and developed to be your ultimate central make up brushes. Brighten your complexion and create buildable airbrush-like coverage, hide imperfections and achieve the smoothest finish imaginable. Brushes in the set:

  • Flawless Foundation
  • Buffed Base
  • Blush & Bronze
  • Conceal Perfector
  • Angled Airbrush


    Professional Make-up Artists use brushes for a natural, flawless, look. And to apply makeup with a light almost air brush quality. As professionals they need to work quickly and efficiently, plus consistently maintain fabulous results.

    Nanshy brings you high-quality professional grade brushes that make it easy to enhance your beauty efficiently and effectively. Soft, lush, anti-bacterial, cruelty-free bristles held by robust copper ferrules on top of ergonomic handles - easy application of mineral, liquid and cream make-up. Always buffing and blending perfectly, creating the amazing velvety finish that the Pros achieve. And you can have, every day with Nanshy.

    Easy to use, easy to care, easy to clean - That’s the Nanshy way.

    This Brush Set includes:

    Blush & Bronze 

    Pro Tip: One of the most requested and popular looks is for ‘Kim Kardashian cheekbones’ this is the brush used to get the KimmyK look. The look is a highly contoured cheekbone, to achieve it, first stipple the blush onto your cheeks, then apply a highlighter to the top of the cheekbones. This brush makes it easy. If you like to use cream blushes, this is the brush to use, stipple the cream blush onto your cheeks.

    Flawless Foundation

    Pro Tip: Use this flat brush starting at the nose, brush using outward strokes toward your cheek. Continue with downward strokes toward the jaw, cheeks and chin. Then finish with light brisk strokes across the forehead. It evens your tone and balances your complexion for a creamy, healthy look.

    Buffed Base

    Pro Tip: The rose petal soft bristles give a very nice finish to any product used with it. This brush is especially easy for applying highlighter to the top of your cheekbones. Stippling the brush is perfect for those of you who love a full coverage look to your foundation. This technique assures there are no streaks in the foundation, resulting in a flawless look to the skin.

    Angled Airbrush

    Pro Tip: This brush is ideal for powder and blush. To set make-up with powder, dip or press into loose powder to hold a small amount then apply in an upward motion lightly over your entire face to set your look. As a blush brush, starting at the highest point (apples) of your cheeks gently and gradually stoke towards the hairline and slightly up.

    Conceal Perfector

    Pro Tip: This pointed brush with soft rounded tip is best used in specific targeted areas to apply and blend any concealer, foundation, and even tinted moisturizer. The large diameter that comes to a tip is the ultimate for getting in under your eye and in any other small areas that are usually missed with a brush. This is also used to achieve an overall airbrush finish to your foundation in usually hard to target areas.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 60 reviews
    Megan A.
    Fabulous quality

    My favourite makeup brushes. The hairs do come out after a couple of washes but they apply makeup flawlessly and with a good foundation provide great coverage. Lovely brushes

    Nicola S.
    My favourite brushes ever.

    These are great brushes. I have a team of 3 make up artists and we all use them.

    Ella Paige Barnes
    Amazingly soft

    I have been using nanshy for years. I have had three sets of brushes now and they last forever. There amazing and apply makeup onto your face very smoothly. I would highly recommend to anyone who’s looking for new or a change in brushes.

    Madhavi M.
    very good quality

    very good quality

    Zoe B.
    Excellent quality

    I love these brushes especially the flat topped brush. Gives foundation such a flawless look. I didn't give it 5 stars as im not keen on the concealer brush.